Is Facebook Really Free?

facebook-freeWhat’s wrong with this screenshot? :)

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By Pal Acs

  • amit

    wow, what a discovery !!

  • Whoisbid

    People need to be careful about social media. Nothing is free. You are going to lose something for sure. If you can understand this and weigh it up realizing that you are going to give companies benefit from everything you do, even typing a few words… then it is not too bad for you. When search engines, directories, social media etc collate information, they themselves actually don't have any content whatsoever. They want unique content but they are empty unless they do something like buy a satellite and provide maps etc. All they are doing is managing other's people's content and making a profit out of others. Along the way they will try to keep people happy by throwing them a few pennies here and there. If you know how to go beyond this and make some actual money, you are fortunate. You will probably know that whatever money you made, they made 1000x more by you.

  • Katrinaaa

    lol whut?:O